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Panic and Anxiety Connection (PAC) is an email based peer-lead support group for anyone with anxiety or depression disorders. PAC has deep roots as an internet support group community, founded in November 2002, an offshoot from another support group that was founded in 1996. There are no doctors here, no professionals, no miracles...but we can offer you a place where you can feel at home with friends, a place to grow and to learn from each other. Our group is NOT a substitute for quality therapy and medical treatment, but is set up to augment those services with social support and empowerment. The goal of PAC is to help our members apply the skills learned in therapy, learn and practice relaxation techniques, become more knowledgeable about our disorders and set and accomplish goals. We strive to aid members to discover that they can help themselves reach recovery. Most telling about PAC is our goal that no one should have to feel alone or without hope or friendship as a result of our disorders. We strive to provide these tools in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental manner.


We are not professionals; all of the volunteer staff at PAC deal with panic and anxiety and depressive disorders everyday, just as you do. Our support is based on exchange of email with other group members, including daily and weekly activities, and reliable, documented information. We include recovery tools such as humor, social interaction, motivation and spiritual growth.


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Daily Motivational and Material

Weekly Goal Setting

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Instant Messaging with Other Members

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Weekly Group Updates

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Panic and Anxiety Connection – PAC


Participation in any of our activities is voluntary. while allowing for freedom of expression and a relaxed, safe atmosphere.


We offer support for all forms of anxiety disorders including panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, simple phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive/compulsive disorder, as well as depressive disorders including major depression, dysthymia and bi-polar disorder. We advocate RECOVERING from our disorders rather than only learning to COPE with them or accepting their limitations in our lives.

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